History changes of Tweak Web Fonts


Version 3.2

Allow to reset font sizes, font weight and line height

Version 3.1

Bugfixes and Icon changes

Version 3.0

This version brings support for changing text color.

Version 2.0

This version brings support for OpenDyslexia fonts. More fonts will be available in the future.

Other smaller updates:

  • Performance upgrades to render text faster.
  • Fix icon fonts bad rendering.

And Finally - we are available for MacOS

Version 1.3

Allow users to select -apple-system fonts.

-apple-system font is similar to San Francisco Fonts.

Version 1.2

Premium users can opt out of auto font rendering ( option is visible in the popup menu )

Version 1.01

Fixed a bug with FontIcons:

Font Icons were overwritten by our Font overriding feature.
Which made them render as empty squares...

Smoother experience to open the app from popup ( does not ask for confirmation ).

Version 1.0

This is the first release. Tweak Web Fonts runs as a Safari extension that allows you to update font sizes on websites. I realized as I am getting older - it is harder for me to read webpages on my phone.

I build Tweak Web Fonts to overcome this limitation.

What’s New

  • Supports updating Fonts Size
  • Pro version allows users to tweak font weight, line height and kerning
  • Pro version automatically update fonts when you visit the site.

Bug Fixes

  • No bugs yet but I am sure they will come ..