Tweak Web Fonts Press Kit

TL;DR: A Safari extension that helps users to tweak HTML text size on Safari. Tweak Web Fonts is free with an optional lifetime in-app purchase of $4.99 on the App Store.

What is Tweak Web Fonts?

Tweak Web Fonts is a Safari Extension that re-renders HTML text based on font size, weight, line height, font family and kerning. The idea is to provide users a comfortable and familiar reading experience when surfing the web.

Appleā€™s readability setting is an alternative to Tweak Web Fonts, but is limited to some sites. Tweak Web Fonts works on all sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Core Features

  • Change Font Family - Default font on webpages ( ex. Arial ) will be overriden by preferred font.
  • Set minimum Font Sizes - Text that are smaller than the font size will be resized.
  • Customize Font weight (Pro) - Text boldness is customizable.
  • Customize Line height (Pro) - Set your preferred line spacing height.
  • Enable / Disable Kerning (Pro)
  • Auto apply (Pro) - font changes are auto applied upon visiting a webpage.
  • iCloud sync - Share your font settings between multiple devices.
  • Dark mode
  • Change app icons - Choose between 12 different colors for your app icon.
  • Change app color appearance - Customize the app tint color.
  • Family sharing - Share one purchase for the whole family.


Tweak Web Fonts is free on the Appstore. Users can unlock all features with one time $4.99 purchase.

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